Team Building

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Studio CineMagic is a company offering a unique team-building experience focused on communication and creativity, serving local and international companies in all sectors and industries. The workshops offered by Studio CineMagic are based on the discovery and practice of sound effects/dubbing in groups and on the production of a reversed film. These two experiences are new methods of communication that can be used in management, creativity and team-building. With Studio CineMagic, participants acquire and strengthen a wide range of skills, including communication, innovation and improvisation, as well as challenging themselves while having a lot of fun. The workshops are run by Romain Lliedo, an experienced and passionate instructor. The experience takes place in a fun, engaging and safe environment, where all participants are on an equal footing.

Foley Art

Soundscapes & stories: a foley art and dubbing workshop experience

Duration: 2 hours
Attendees: 1 – 30 for Team Building and Up to 100 for warm-up and private events.

In films, sound is just as important as images. Did you know that the sounds of rain or fire in a film are not always real? Discover behind the scenes how a film is made by becoming a foley artist and dubbing actor.

Studio Cinemagic teaches you to record live the sounds produced by everyday objects, and to synchronise them with your film sequence. As a team, you create your own parody, reinvent the story and rewrite the dialogue for a film sequence of up to one minute. Have fun recording your own voice for a memorable dubbing experience that’s fun, engaging and involves everyone!

Reverse Film

Reversed roles: a unique team-building film challenge

Duration: 2 hours
Attendees: 1 – 15

Dive into a day of cinematic creativity and teamwork with Studio CineMagic! Choose from one or two dynamic activities to bond and spark innovation within your team. From Foley art to collaborative parodies, immerse yourselves in a world where cinema and teamwork unite. Experience the thrill of 'Lights, camera, action!' and transform your team dynamics in just one day.

Unleashing potential: forge stronger connections and ignite creative flares

1. Consultation

We start by meeting with you to better understand your company’s culture and discuss your team’s specific needs.

Our process

Our customized workshop journey to craft your unforgettable experiences

2. Design

Based on the information collected during the consultation, we design a workshop program with exercises designed to achieve the desired results.

3. Workshop

Our workshops involve interactive exercises and a collective creation that creates a bond within your team. To be successful you’ve got to work together, to make simple history, and being creative, you’ve got to make it.

4. Follow-up

We keep in touch after the workshop to assess its effectiveness, souls, clean heart, angel.