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Team event

Foley Art

Team event

Reverse film

Video production

We improve teamwork
through cinematic

We design and run this fun workshops based on solid research to help participants communicate differently. Through the discovery of a unique art form, you and your colleagues will bring out the best in yourselves, so that your team can work with confidence.

Would you like to boost your team’s energy with unforgettable audiovisual experiences? Join us for exclusive team-building events, in Denmark and abroad. Ideal for groups and events of all sizes, it can take place anywhere and be organized on a small or large scale, with up to 100 participants!

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Discover the magic of collaborative
with us

Ideal for enhancing communication and collaboration,
our sessions are tailored to energize
and inspire your team.

Team event

Foley Art

Immerse yourself in the art of sound effects, called Foley art with our exciting workshop! Record live sounds from everyday objects, synchronise them with the film and work as a team to create a unique parody. Have fun recording your own voice for a memorable dubbing experience that’s fun, engaging and involves everyone! 

Team event

Reverse film

Step into the spotlight and become a master filmmaker in our unique workshops! Play multiple roles – from director to actor, creating scenes with reversed dialogue and movement. In our immersive team-building experience, everyone is a star, contributing equally to creating magic on screen. Release your creativity and watch your collective vision come to life, right-side-up!

Video production

We specialize in delivering high-quality videos quickly, ensuring that your event is captured in a memorable and impactful way. Creativity and visual impact are key aspects of our work, allowing us to create unforgettable moments!


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“Wow. What a workshop! It was impressive, inspiring and the full team had so much fun with Foley Art. Romain is leading this workshop in his natural and authentic way and has a good sense to wrinkle out hidden talents of team members. If you want to book a unique team event, contact Romain. Also the service, communication and flexibility is recommendable! The souvenir at the end is remarkable and outstanding.”

Silke Bohn

Head of Strategic Planning AT SIEMENS GAMESA, HAMBURG

“Pedagogical and creative, Romain shared his enthusiasm with us, and the entire team participated in dubbing a movie excerpt. Beyond the artistic aspect, this workshop is an excellent team-building tool where everyone comes together in an informal and relaxed setting to build a project together. It was a beautiful experience, thank you Romain!”

Laeticia Garnier

Consul, Head of administration at the French Embassy in Denmark

“Doing the Foley Art Team building exercise was particularly memorable because it was an eye-opening experience to learn more about how sounds are added to movies and to work on a medium like sound (/sound effects) was very motivating. It did not require any special skills and everyone could join in with ideas since no one were an expert. Very funny workshop and highly recommendable.”


Project Manager at Satair, COPENHAGEN

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