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Let your creativity run free and discover unique film-making and sound design experiences as part of a team events program in Copenhagen, Denmark & abroad !

Team building Warm-up Educational projects Video production

Would you like to boost your team's energy with unforgettable audiovisual experiences? Join us for exclusive team-building events, in Denmark and abroad. Ideal for groups and events of all sizes, it can take place anywhere and be organized on a small or large scale, with up to 100 participants!

Discover the magic of collaborative film-making with us and make your next team event unforgettable!

We Enhance Teamwork Through Cinematic Arts

We design and run this fun workshops based on solid research to help participants communicate differently. Through the discovery of a unique art form, you and your colleagues will bring out the best in yourselves, so that your team can work with confidence.

Romain Lliedo, CEO & Founder of Studio CineMagic

Discover The Magic Of Collaborative Film-making With Us

Ideal for enhancing communication and collaboration, our sessions are tailored to energize and inspire your team.

Foley Art - Team Event

Immerse yourself in the art of sound effects, called Foley art with our exciting workshop! Record live sounds from everyday objects, synchronise them with the film and work as a team to create a unique parody. Discover the pleasures of voice dubbing in a fun environment open to all.

Reverse Film - Team Event

Step into the spotlight and become a master filmmaker in our unique workshops! Play multiple roles – from director to actor, creating scenes with reversed dialogue and movement. In our immersive team-building experience, everyone is a star, contributing equally to creating magic on screen. Release your creativity and watch your collective vision come to life, right-side-up!

Video Production

We specialize in delivering high-quality videos quickly, ensuring that your event is captured in a memorable and impactful way. Creativity and visual impact are key aspects of our work, allowing us to create unforgettable moments!

Tailor-made Experiences To meet Your Unique Needs

Transform the dynamics of your team with our innovative creative workshops.

Hear It From Our Stars

Great customer service is the heart of our business. Hear from our happy customers who kindly shared their opinion.

"In a hilarious 45 minutes session with the French Foreign Trade Advisors – Denmark, he was able to captivate us, to make us laugh, to make us dare, and we went home with a fond memory of a team shared experience. From smaller scale team-buildings to plenary townhall sessions, the potential for warming up the audience and connecting is simply awesome! Bravo Romain!"
Julien Bergere
Chief Commercial Officer at Dynaudio
"Pedagogical and creative, Romain shared his enthusiasm with us, and the entire team participated in dubbing a movie excerpt. Beyond the artistic aspect, this workshop is an excellent team-building tool where everyone comes together in an informal and relaxed setting to build a project together. It was a beautiful experience, thank you Romain!"
Laeticia Garnier
Consul, Head of administration at the French Embassy in Denmark
"We are really happy to work with Romain as his videos are always of very high quality. The videos are dynamic and professional and Romain is a pleasure to work with."
Samuel Vaillant-Jørgensen
Managing director of the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce

Meet Our Happy Customers

Crafting customized experiences that resonate with each distinct audience.

Looking To Host A Team Building, Warm-up, or Danish Julefrokost?

Transform your next Copenhagen event into a memorable team experience!

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