About Us

Unleash your team's potential with studio cinemagic's creative workshops

At Studio CineMagic, we unlock the full potential of teams through unparalleled team-building experiences that foster communication, creativity, and collaboration. Serving a diverse range of clients from local to international sectors, we specialize in innovative workshops that explore the art of sound effects, dubbing, and the unique challenge of producing a reversed film. These engaging activities are not just exercises; they are new avenues of communication that enhance management skills, creative thinking, and team cohesion. Led by Romain Lliedo, a seasoned and passionate instructor, our workshops are designed to be interactive and inclusive, ensuring every participant is involved and on equal footing. Whether it’s mastering the craft of Foley art in our “Soundscapes & Stories” workshop or embracing the “Reversed Roles” in our film challenge, each session promises a fun, safe, and engaging environment where creativity thrives. Dive into a day of cinematic creativity and teamwork with Studio CineMagic. With options ranging from one to two dynamic activities, we offer a unique opportunity to bond with your team and ignite innovation. From the meticulous art of Foley to collaborative storytelling, immerse yourself in an experience where cinema and teamwork merge into an unforgettable adventure.